What is JAO
The National Festival of Amateur Orchestras
The Prince Takamado Memorial Masters Orchestra Camp
The Toyota Community Concert (TCC)
The Toyota Youth Orchestra Camp (TYOC)
The Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras Corp
What is JAO
    JAO is an abbreviation of "The Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras Corp"

Mission statement
    JAO aims at promoting youth and common citizens' amateur orchestras' activities and contribute to the development and enhancing of musical culture all over Japan.
    JAO was initially formed by 23 organizations which responded to an invitation to gather in Toyohashi-shi, Aichi prefecture, in June, 1972 (Showa era 47).The following year, in 1973, the first National Amateur Orchestras Festival was organized in Toyohashi. That Festival is now the core annual activity of JAO and has, over the years, contributed to the promotion and spread of amateur orchestras from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
    Since its foundation, the number of members, as well as their activities, have increased and in July 1995 (Heisei era 7) the federation got official recognition from the Ministry of Education and acquired the legal status of an incorporated body. Moreover and aiming at extending and promoting Amateur Orchestra activities worldwide JAO, created the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras (WFAO) in 1998. (Heisei era 10).
    147 orchestras are presently affiliated to JAO. (2005, Heisei era 17)
    JAO aims at promoting and sharing the joy of music with a wide range of people, including adolescents, middle age and seniors citizens.
    Its watchword is "to spread the springs of sound"
Main activities
    1. The annual National Amateur Orchestras' Festival
    2. The Prince Takamado Memorial Japanese Amateur Orchestras' camp.
    3. The Toyota Youth Orchestras' Camp (TYOC)
    4. The Toyota Community Concerts (TCC)
    5. The Toyota music library
    6. Participation in the Citizens' Cultural Festivitals.
      (Since 1986 the Ministry for Cultural Affairs is co-sponsoring the National Festival of Amateur Orchestras and is cooperating actively with JAO's affiliated orchestras).
    7. To promote public relations (Home Page etc,) and exchanges between orchestras
    8. As a representative of the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras (WFAO), JAO is also managing the secretarial work of WFAO in order to facilitate international exchanges between member orchestras. As such, JAO is offering an ideal platform for international cooperation between the Federation's members. JAO is cooperating with both international exchanges and information sharing.
      Further details are available on the WFAO Website:


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